Jaime Cortez - Artist & Writer
Jaime Cortez is a writer, multidisciplinary visual artist, and occasional performer. His first and great love is drawing, but he works in diverse media. He is restless. His work rarely looks the same from one exhibition to the next. He is consistent. No matter what it looks like, his work is usually informed by five recurring themes.

With or without text, directly, obliquely, or pictorially, he is always storytelling.

Cortez is illuminated by those who function outside of legality, who slog knee-deep across the swamps of questionable taste, confect their own morality, shift in and out of underground economies, and manage to reach escape velocity from common sense. I ponder the immigrant, the queer, the undocumented, the undocumentable.

A body (sublime, grotesque, unarmored, broken, delectable) holds and telegraphs so much.

There is no more subversive tool for ferreting out and lifting up the truth

This gorgeous Japanese phrase has no English equivalent. It means “the sadness of things,” and suggests a gentle sadness in the face of the impermanent passing of things.